Gridbox for Education

Teach Front-End Design & Code.

Gridbox is an ideal environment for educators to teach front-end design and development. Schools and universities love Gridbox for teaching or rolling internal projects.


No Software to install or maintain

Gridbox is entirely in the browser. It will work on any computer with a modern web browser. There is nothing to install. There are no upgrades you’ll ever have to download and run.

Even better, many students have their own computers. Gridbox will work in the classroom, and then students can continue work at a lab, at home, or on any other computer right on Gridbox. It will be the exact same environment with all their saved work.

Share the Project URL & Let any one clone or re-use your project.

When you create any project on Gridbox, it will be private by default. If you share the project URL - from the Preview screen. Then anyone with that URL can preview your project, make a clone or copy of that project and can start working on them.


Powerful Visual HTML & Bootstrap Builder.

Quickly build the layout of your webpage with powerful visual tools for adding, editing, moving, cloning and deleting HTML elements.

When you drag and drop components, our builder automatically generates the clean HTML code. This can be the huge moment for students to learn how to structure the Web page with Navigation, header, body content and footer.

Do more with with Editor.

Code Editor is the most powerful feature of Gridbox. It's like full blown IDE right with built-in Drag 'n' Drop builder in the browser, where students can work with multiple HTML, CSS, JS files together along with image gallery, live previews, website deployment, and much more.


Deploy the Project to Netlify and Get a working url in seconds.

We've integrated Gridbox with Netlify platform, you can deploy your project and get a working URL in seconds. Plus custom domain settings and everything you need to keep your site live and running.

You can share your work with other students, professors and teammates. Collect feedbacks from the first stage to validate earlier and iterate better.

Apply Now

Currently we're offering bulk discounts up to 50% for educational institutions, where each and individual student can create an account - apply the coupon and use all the PRO features of Gridbox.