Visual HTML Builder & Code Editor for creating responsive UI faster.

Drag 'n' Drop Pre-built Components
Code Editor - Work with multiple HTML,CSS & JS files
Based on Bootstrap 4
Also supports vanilla HTML & CSS
Deploy to Netlify & add your own custom domain

For Front-end developers to prototype or showcase their ideas faster

Whether it's a web apps UI, landing page to capture emails, JAMSTACK app or something
a bit more elaborate, Gridbox has you covered.

Dashboard & Web Apps UI

Prototype UX/UI and get battle-tested markups, ready for your next Angular or React project.


Create sites that can be enhanced with JavaScript, use services available via APIs and deploy them to Netlify in a click

Landing Pages

Make a product, app, service, or something else? Create beautiful Landing Pages to collect emails or validate ideas

Build Your Profile

Tell the world a little about yourself, what you do, and anywhere else they can find you.

Create Micro Sites

You can Integrate Gumroad, Paddle, Snipcart or any JS Libraries and create the Micro Site the way you want.

Publish to Netlify

Publish sites to any custom domains you own with full SSL support (via Netlify).

Everything you need to Design & Code Static HTML, CSS & JS

Drag & Drop

Build templates from hundreds of Bootstrap components which are grouped into categories including navigations, layouts, cards, tables, web app widgets, headers etc.

Powerful Code Editor

Create or Edit and work with HTML, CSS, JS files easily. Also you can quickly import external js libraries and work on them. For eg: Intergrating chart.js, d3.js,...

Code IntelliSense

Built-in code assist for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap 4 Classes.

Ready to Use Templates

Clone a handpicked templates and start building your project right away. Style, effects and assets are fully customizable with few clicks and without opening the code.

Export Code

You can download your entire Bootstrap Project as (.zip) which includes all HTML, CSS & JS files so that you can start combining front-end design with back-end.

Publish to Netlify

With Gridbox Pro you can deploy your Static Bootstrap 4 project to Netlify platform and get a working URL in seconds. Plus custom domain settings and everything you need to keep your site live and running.

Always up-to-date

We release updates every month, filled with new features, components and improvements.

Pure Bootstrap

We do not use any external dependencies apart from those used by Bootstrap 4.3.1.